WorkerAware Lighting™

Money to burn..?

Operational costs of medium to large warehouses are a major overhead – especially in those where multiple shifts operate to fuel the demands of the 24x7 economy.

One of the largest individual variable costs of any warehouse is the energy bill for powering lighting to ensure that workers are able to see and be seen – yet powering the lights for a whole warehouse for 12, 18, 24 hours a day when for large amounts of time areas are unoccupied, is not only inefficient and wasteful, it’s downright expensive!

Traditional means of trying to contain lighting expenses have been unsuccessful, largely because it’s impractical to keep running back and forth to banks of switches; motion detectors aren’t responsive enough to anticipate ‘warm-up’ times; automatic timers to shut power off can do so too early, causing safety and efficiency issues; or too late, resulting in wasted power. So what can you do? Make your warehouse lighting ‘WorkerAware’!

WorkerAware Lighting™ harnesses the technology and knowledge already present in most modern warehouses in the systems used to plan worker routes through a warehouse to carry out order picking, replenishment , stock counting etc and ensures that ONLY the areas where workers are engaged in their activities are lit. And when the worker has moved on and the area is cleared of people, lights that aren’t required are immediately turned off, while lights in the areas to which the worker is heading are activated and if necessary ‘warmed up’ to ensure that by the time the worker arrives they can operate safely and efficiently. And it does it all the Smart Way!

Use Daylight when it is available!  WorkerAware lighting nodes, can automatically monitor background light levels, and when daylight provides enough light, switch off the electric lights, to create additional energy, and cost, savings. When the clouds come back, the electric lights come on automatically where needed.

All while delivering significant savings which over the course of a shift can add up to some very attractive savings which drop right to your bottom line!