How It Works

WorkerAware Lighting harnesses the information that you have at your fingertips in most Warehouse Management Systems – Information as to where your warehouse staff are, where they are going, how long they will be there and when they have left - to automatically ensure that lights are turned on in the areas where they are needed, for as long as they are needed – then turned off to deliver savings to your bottom line that amount to significant amounts over the course of a year.

The more workers you have, the larger your warehouse, the more lights you have, the greater the savings value – but whether you are responsible for a medium warehouse or a massive distribution centre, the proportionate savings on your energy bills and other operational expenses are highly desirable. And very cost effective to deploy!

The modern supply chain is driven towards effiencies in all aspects of its operation, yet one of the most costly parts of the daily operational costs is the one most commonly overlooked.

WorkerAware Lighting provide a smart lighting system add-on to your existing lighting fixtures, easily and economically installed and deployed and which individually controls each lighting fitment in a warehouse, so that it is used most efficiently and effectively. No compromise on safety is made – light is provided where and when it’s required, but as if by magic it is turned off when it’s not. 

WorkerAware Lighting can be installed in most existing warehouses and connected easily to your existing light fittings without disrupting operations. Control is via a dedicated,  infrastructure-less wireless network, so no need for Wifi or any other networking changes or costly re-wiring.

WorkerAware lighting can also work seamlessly with natural light; By continuously monitoring background light levels, the WorkerAware system can switch off the electric lights when the natural light levels are sufficient, and switch them back on when needed by the workers.

Depending on your operational profile, the savings on your electricity bill every year can run into tens of thousands of pounds – even hundreds of thousands in the largest DCs.

WorkerAware Lighting has a rapid return on investment with ongoing annual savings that drop to your bottom line making for a more efficient, cost effective distribution centre. Giving you a competitive edge and adding to your ‘green initiatives’.

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