WorkerAware Lighting brings benefits over conventional systems in many areas.

Designed to be a simple to install and commission system, WorkerAware Lighting can be up and running in one week, and installed by your existing contractors or staff.

Saving money and the planet, the system provides big benefits for facilities and building managers, adding monitoring and visibility to their toolkit, while reducing their spend on maintenance.

More intelligent operation, with rules tailored exactly to the workload and staff roster comes as standard; In the IT age, extra smarts do not cost extra money.

Energy & cost saving

Ensuring lights ore automatically on when needed, but are off when not required cuts energy costs. Make the best use of natural light automatically when it is available. Savings add up, especially considering the increasing costs of energy.

Automatic adaption to changing work, stock and processes

Lighting rules based on your Warehouse Management data means the system automatically adapts to exactly what is needed, minute by minute. As new work arrives and as jobs are completed the situation is constantly recalculated and optimised in real time. Lighting strategy changes as fast as work does, and automatically.

Environmental improvement
Being Green is increasingly important. Aside from the pure cost savings, the legislation facing large energy users, and the pressure from all aspects of society to be see to be improving are powerful.
Reduced maintenance costs
With many types of lighting, the ability to switch them off means extended time replacement cycles. WorkerAware Lighting also has functions to monitor lamp health so can warn if lamps have failed.
Ease of installation, Retrofittable to existing buildings
No need for downtime. Simple connections that any site electrician or contractor can install. No need for extra wiring due to the wireless control. Wireless control does not use WiFi, so will not conflict with picking & printing systems. Works with LED or existing legacy lighting.


The WorkerAware system can link to fire alarm, burglar alarm or CCTV systems to automatically set the lighting in emergency situations. Complete failsafe operation means that if some part of the system fails, the lights come on for safety. Existing breakers and switches remain in place, and work as intended.

Ease of integration to Enterprise systems
An Interface designed to make integration with your WMS, ERP or other enterprise data as simple, quick and low cost as possible. Many systems already have a suitable interface.

Enhanced reporting and monitoring

Light fitting monitoring, Bulb status detection, Energy usage monitoring and reporting. See how much you are saving in real time.